His life has been built around serving others, and he has continued his humanitarian work across the globe, including in the countries of Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Vietnam, and the Philippines to perform a range of surgical procedures on children born with a cleft palate and other facial abnormalities. Dr. Antunes also devotes his professional skills to local philanthropic causes in the Austin area.

HUGS Foundation: Helping children live happier lives.

Dr. Antunes also gives back through the HUGS Foundation, an organization created to help children in underserved communities to live happier lives by repairing facial abnormalities, including cleft lips, cleft palates, microtia (ear defects), cleft rhinoplasty, and a range of other child facial deformities. This foundation is dedicated to changing the lives of children who do not have access to the financial resources or services in their home country, with 1746 surgeries completed in 35 missions to date. When serving on these missions, Dr. Antunes performs nose and ear reconstructive surgeries, among other procedures.

A philosophy of care, at home and abroad

Dr. Antunes has dedicated his life to service, and his philosophy of care extends to his practice. A person who is unhappy with a facial feature lives their lives feeling less confident, personally, socially, and professionally.

Not only is he exceptionally skilled and highly trained, but you can also be secure in the knowledge that your treatment is being performed by a doctor who cares more about people, results, and bringing joy to his patients than about financial success.

A passion for facial plastic surgery

Dr. Antunes believes that active, real-world actions to assist children in other countries that suffer from facial abnormalities are not only a service to those children, but it also keeps his passion for the art of facial plastic surgery alive and flourishing. The joy of helping a child enjoy a life free from the ostracization that can accompany a facial abnormality brings a positive, visible change that ripples across the community and the world.

Why choose Face Austin?

When choosing a facial plastic surgeon to perform a custom enhancement, you want to be in the hands of a surgeon who is not only exceptionally trained, certified, and talented, but who is dedicated to helping the local community and the world at large through his actions. Dr. Antunes is a genuinely caring human being, and his compassion and care can be felt throughout his private practice. We invite you to meet with us to discover Austin’s premier facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Marcelo Antunes.

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