Revision rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct an undesired outcome that persists or develops from the initial nose surgery. It’s a procedure done to correct the nose’s appearance or functionality following initial rhinoplasty surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty options?

A custom revision rhinoplasty in Austin, TX can correct a range of nose shape and function problems, including:

  • Nose still too large
  • Nose too small
  • Nose shape is unusual or uneven
  • Supratip deformity
  • Pinched nose tip
  • Pinched nostrils
  • Nasal obstruction affecting breathing
  • Crooked nose
  • Twisted nose
  • Collapsed nose bridge

Am I a candidate for revision rhinoplasty?

Whether you have undergone one, two, or more nose surgeries, if your nose is still a problem for you, a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon must perform your revision rhinoplasty. At Face Austin, we perform strictly facial surgeries and have vast experience and knowledge of the correct techniques. You are a candidate for revision nose surgery if:

  • It has been at least one year since your original procedure.
  • You are struggling with breathing issues.
  • During healing, your nose was injured.
  • You feel that your nose did not achieve the look you wanted when choosing to undergo surgery.
  • You were left with a serious cosmetic issue, and your nose is uneven, crooked, or the wrong shape or size.
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What should I expect?

If your nose requires correction after primary surgery, the first step is to evaluate the structure to craft a custom surgical plan. Every person is facing a unique set of problems. At Face Austin, Dr. Antunes believes there is “no shortcut to quality,” and you can be confident that every detail will be carefully planned and executed, based on your wishes, no matter how complex the problems.

After your initial evaluation, we will schedule your surgical date. As this procedure may require several hours, you will be under general anesthesia. You will not experience any discomfort. Following your surgery, your nose will be bandaged. Depending on the extent of the corrections needed, the recovery time will vary.

In some cases, the nose must be reconstructed, with cartilage added to restore the structure. In other cases, only the bone and cartilage require reshaping to achieve the results you envisioned. If you have an odd-looking pinched tip or a collapsed nose bridge, cartilage grafts must be performed to provide the support needed to correct the condition.

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What is the recovery time?

Immediately after your surgery, your nostrils may be packed with gauze, and you can expect some swelling and bruising, and a stuffy nose. Discomfort is not typically extreme, with a sensation of pressure, and is easily managed with prescription pain medication. You should plan on taking two weeks off work if you had a more extensive corrective surgery.

It is advised that you arrange for a friend or family member to stay with you for the first night. In most cases, the initial recovery requires about ten to fourteen days, after which you can return to your usual activities. We will ask that you avoid vigorous physical exercise or any activity that could lead to an impact on your nose during the early stages, depending on your surgery.

Why choose Face Austin?

At Face Austin, your revision rhinoplasty will be performed by our double board-certified plastic surgery, Dr. Marcelo Antunes. His training and experience are far above and beyond what most plastic surgeons in the Austin area can offer, and he performs strictly facial surgeries. Face Austin is a unique private practice where we are committed to doing everything possible to deliver the results you envision. We genuinely care about every person we treat, and our focus is on performing the highest quality surgical work. Dr. Antunes has a personal goal to ensure you are thrilled with the outcome of your revision.

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Considerations undergoing a revision rhinoplasty in Austin

After committing to a nose job and going through the procedure and recovery, it can be devastating to be left with an unsatisfactory result. Revision rhinoplasty can correct the projection, shape, size and create a more attractive, natural look balanced and in harmony with your features.

Many patients who have undergone a nose job performed with the poor technique have breathing problems due to the nose's inner structure collapsing on one side of the wall between the nose's two sides, now crooked. In these cases, a septoplasty is performed in the corrective surgery to restore free breathing. For revision rhinoplasty, choosing the right surgeon is critical. We invite you to meet with us to evaluate your nose and discuss what can be done to achieve your original vision for your nose.

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