Nose Job, or a “rhinoplasty,” is a custom procedure to reshape the nose structure to create a more attractive facial balance. No “one-size-fits-all” surgical approach is effective for nose surgery – only a customized surgical plan can produce truly exceptional results. If you are considering undergoing nose reshaping surgery, at Face Austin, your surgery will be performed by one of the most talented facial surgeons practicing in the Austin area.

Why choose Face

Austin for a Nose Job?

A nose job is one of the most complex and difficult of all facial surgeries. Not all plastic surgeons are familiar with this surgery, and there is no substitute for experience. Dr. Antunes, at Face Austin, is often called upon to perform a revision on an unsatisfactory outcome from another surgeon.

Creating a natural-looking, balanced nose structure requires great precision and ensuring the corrected nose structure is fully supported and not liable to collapse over time. Your nose surgery must be done right the first time! We urge you to visit us at Face Austin, where you will be under the care of Austin’s premier nose surgeon, Dr. Marcelo Antunes. You will immediately feel the care, compassion, and interest in you as a person, with a superior quality of care and attention that is completely genuine.

Double-board certified facial plastic surgeon in Austin

Dr. Antunes has achieved two professional certifications. He is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. He is one of the few plastic surgeons practicing in Austin with a practice devoted strictly to facial plastic surgery. His level of education and experience are extraordinary. A leader in his field, he has published and lectured on facial aesthetics, facial reconstruction, and rhinoplasty.

Nose shape and size problems: What our patients tell us.

Our patients come to us with a range of nose shape problems and concerns. Their concerns include the following complaints about the nose appearance:

“My nose doesn’t fit my face.”

Your nose is the central facial feature, and you may have inherited a nose shape that does not fit your face due to being too large, having a noticeable hump on the bridge, being too wide, or other factors that can be corrected with a custom nose surgery. Your surgical plan will be geared to bring your features into an attractive balance.

“My nose is too big.”

An overly large nose will “take over” your entire facial appearance. Rather than enhancing your eyes, lips, and facial structure, it is noticeably large. To correct the size of your nose will require a full evaluation of your nose structure and a customized surgical plan. It may include dorsal hump reduction (a large hump on the nose bridge) or reducing the quantity of cartilage and tissue to resolve an over-projected nose and create a nicely balanced nose that highlights your other features rather than distracting from them.

“My nose is crooked.”

A crooked nose can be the result of an accident, trauma, or be present at birth. One nostril may be smaller than the other, flatter, or collapsed. Correcting a crooked nose requires a custom nose surgery to repair both the inner and outer structures. Not only will the crooked, out-of-balance appearance be resolved, but this surgery can help you achieve healthy breathing.

“My nose is droopy.”

A droopy nose may leave you feeling less attractive. This problem is related to an excess of cartilage in the nose tip, causing it to appear large, bulbous, and droop. To correct a droopy nose tip requires surgically reshaping the nose cartilage and tissue to create a balanced look that enhances your other features.

“My nose has a big tip.”

A large, rounded nose tip can be surgically corrected. Nose tip refinement requires finesse, an artistic approach, and a very meticulous surgery to reshape the nose tip to be the ideal size and shape for your face.

“I have a pinched nose tip.”

A pinched nasal tip may be inherited through your family line, or in some cases, be the result of undergoing surgery that failed. If you feel your nose tip looks pinched or odd, it can be repaired with a custom surgery performed at Face Austin. Cartilage grafting to build up the tip may be the right approach. As every patient is different, only a full evaluation of your nose structure will reveal the most effective approach.

a Nose job can change your life.

Repairing your nose can be life-changing. Your level of confidence in your appearance can skyrocket, free from the worries about an overly large nose, droopy tip, hump on the bridge, large nose tip, pinched tip, or any other flaw. The difference in your facial appearance can be subtle but significant. You deserve your nose surgery to be performed by a precise, talented, and experienced surgeon who understands your cosmetic desires. Call Face Austin today for an initial consultation – we are here for you.


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