What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a non-surgical skincare treatment to remove the outer, dead, dull layers of skin and allow fresh, bright skin cells to emerge. A custom chemical peel can significantly enhance your skin quality. Chemical peels are an effective way to:

  • Improve your skin’s color, clarity, and tone
  • Stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin for more supple, firm skin
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce the visibility of blemishes and sun damage
  • Treat hyperpigmentation
  • Clear up minor acne
  • Reduce the appearance of scars and other skin imperfections
  • Allow topical skincare products to work more efficiently

Types of chemical peels

There are three basic types of chemical peel available, each of which treats progressively deeper layers of skin:

Superficial (light) peel

A superficial peel treats the top layers of skin and is best to address superficial blemishes and improve overall skin tone. These peels can be repeated regularly and require minimal recovery time, perfect for both women and men who have a busy lifestyle and want healthy, radiant skin.

Medium peel

A medium peel addresses the upper layers of the dermis, producing a higher level of skin renewal. You will need to give your skin several days or up to a week to recover, and you can expect significant peeling as your skin sheds damaged skin and new, youthful skin cells to emerge.

Deep peel

A deep peel is an extensive procedure that produces the most dramatic results in the appearance of your skin. It addresses the deep layers of your dermis, removing many layers of tired and dead skin and stimulating substantial collagen and elastin production. Recovery can take a few weeks as your skin heals, but the results are comprehensive.

As a general rule, deeper peels produce more intensive improvements but also require more downtime and recovery time.

Which chemical peel is right for me?

During your initial consultation at Face Austin, we will evaluate your skin and help you determine which chemical peel will be most effective for you. We may recommend a series of superficial peels over time or undergo a deeper peel for a single treatment with dramatic results. You are unique, and there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Why choose us?

At Face Austin, you will experience a level of professionalism, courtesy, and comfort rarely found in today’s world. Dr. Marcelo Antunes is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon who has dedicated his career to helping his patients achieve their cosmetic goals with surgical and non-surgical treatments. He goes the extra mile to ensure your results exceed your expectations, and you can be confident you are in the hands of a true professional in the field.

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