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Dr Antunes and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, thoughtful, and meticulous. I met with them several times over several months before moving forward with him as my physician. His knowledge, experience, background, and attention to detail stood out to me, and set him apart from other physicians. He's very good at setting expectations, and therefore nothing has been scary or surprising. The entire process and outcome have gone so smoothly, and I couldn't be happier.

- Christi Bosco

From scheduling my initial consultation to surgery, the process was a breeze. Everyone in the office was caring and made me feel comfortable. An excellent plan was given to me in detail by Dr. Antunes that was confirmed and talked through multiple times. Swelling and bruising were minimal and by the time I got my cast off at one week post-op I was so impressed and happy with the results that I convince my sister to get the same procedure done. I am extremely satisfied with my experience and results of my procedure. Thank you Dr. Antunes and his entire nursing staff for making my nose look amazing!!!

- Donaji Medina

Any surgery can be scary, let alone an elective facial/neck procedure where the results are out there for all to see. With that in mind, I am so happy I placed my trust in Dr. Antunes and couldn’t be happier with my results. I was already impressed with his background prior to my initial consultation, and even more confident I was in the right hands after this meeting. His welcoming and easy going personality, knowledge of various options to address my areas of concerns, and patience with my questions really put me at ease. From that moment on, through the surgical procedure and immediately following, Dr. Antunes has been there to answer questions and ease any nervousness or concerns. 12 weeks post procedure and I am thrilled with my results! Dr. Antunes is so skilled, I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family.

- Kelly Spahn

I am so happy and love the care from Dr.Antunes and every one in the office and everyone who took care of me during my surgery, Dr.Antunes was so amazing he gave me what I wanted and gave me my life back I am so happy now and feel amazing.Again he is the one if you want your life back he is the one. Thank you again Dr.Antunes and staff for letting me feel like a part of your family.

- Monica Kempf

A very honest respectable surgeon . He will be more concerned with what is right then selling you a surgery or procedure you don’t need . That is a rare and wonderful quality . If you want an honest professional opinion he is a great doctor to see.

- Freestyle Revival

Dr. Antunes did a superb job closing and repairing Mohs surgery done to remove skin cancer on my lip. I could not be more pleased. He is very professional, kind and assuring. He treated me like he would this own mother! Thank you, Dr. Antunes! Your work is exceptional!

- Patty Praytor

I had a rhinoplasty procedure done in August (middle of Covid of course), but everything still went very smoothly, and I never had any thoughts that I could potentially walk out of this with Covid. Post surgery, the nurses and Dr. Antunes were very helpful, even when I called them in the middle of the night with a question or concern. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the results of my surgery, and have gained a whole new level of confidence with my new nose. The office staff is great as well - they are very personable. The black and white picture is the "before" - the "after" picture was taken in early October, about 3 months post surgery.

- Marissa Pryor

I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Antunes. He is a master at his craft, and has a heart of gold. It’s so important to trust and feel comfortable with your doctor, and he went above and beyond to make that happen. When I was nervous and still had more questions, he did not hesitate to invite me back to the office to answer them. He put my mind at ease and I am so so happy I chose him. Even all his surgery nurses and assistants rave about him. You are in good hands with Dr. Antunes!!

- Shelly Green

Dr. Antunes treated me with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. I got a great, natural-looking result, the latter part being very important to me. He took the time to understand exactly what I wanted using computer imagery and a good old fashioned mark-up pencil. He also documented my before and after results which I believe are crucial the whole process. It shows he takes care in his work. His facilities and staff are top notch, highly recommend.

- Brett Labash

In fact, with no exaggeration, Dr Antunes is The Very Best. My nose was a mess, fractured and deviated and more, and Dr Antunes performed surgical magic to make it a fully functioning nose again. And he did it in an expert, thorough, gentle, kind and painless {amazing} way. He is an excellent doctor, surgeon, and man, with a wonderful staff to support him. I feel fortunate to have found him.

- Paula Tatsch

Truly an amazing experience with Dr. Antunas! From the very first consultation he was very attentive and listened to what I wanted to achieve. His attention to detail and bedside manner exceeded all my expectations. I couldn't be happier with my results! I would highly recommend Dr. Marcelo Antunas to all my friends and family!

- Amorgan Newton

I am 6 weeks out from a face, neck, and lip lift. Dr. Antunes did a wonderful job and I highly recommend him for any facial procedures you are considering. I am very pleased with the results and definitely say it is worth the recovery time and the cost. I was a very nervous patient and he calmed my fears and my results are very natural looking.

- Joan Jackson

Wonderful experience with Dr. Antunes. In the past I had a tummy tuck with Dr. Piazza who I also need to take time in mentioning how wonderful and skilled he is as well. Because of this past procedure, I have become familiar with the other services offered at the practice, and would never go anywhere else. Dr. Antunes is relatively new to the team, but I knew I would be well taken care of, and have heard great things about him. He lives up to the hype. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and needs and guides you in the right direction. During the whole procedure he talked me through it, and afterwards I was so pleased with the results. I have had rhinoplasty before, and was not displeased but wanted some minor tweaks done in order to achieve what I really wanted and Dr Antunes came through. Can’t thank you enough and just love everyone at this practice.

- Laura Faulkner

Not sure where to begin...let's start with the stars...where is the option to do11 stars out of 5??? Marcelo is personable, friendly, but above all else, he's an artist. He understand his craft like no one I've seen before...He corrected a few asymmetries that bothered me for a long time without any issues. If his knowledge and vast portfolio of happy clients isn't enough, you should sit down with him in a consultation to better understand what makes this guy the total rockstar of facial plastic surgery. His thing is the face and that, he knows well. My wife will probably be the next in line for eyelid work...Thank you, Dr. Antunes. Your reputation for being a tremendous professional and truly, an artist, is well deserved.

- Ricardo Casas

I had a great experience with Dr. Atunes. He is very patient answering any questions, reassuring and honest about what to expect. I am so happy with the results, it looks even better than I thought it would. His staff is also great, super helpful and nice. I have already and will continue to recommend Dr. Atunes. I have scheduled an appointment with Jennifer also. These guys rock.

- Holly Morgan

Dr Antunes performed a surgical procedure a Blepharoplasty (drooping eyelids). The surgery was done in the Clinic with a local antiseptic, the surgery was an hour and a half. There was no pain. I am extremely satisfied with my results! Thank you so much Dr Antunes!

- Beni Brown

Words seem almost inadequate to express my regard and appreciation for Dr. Antunes. I was referred to him in a crisis after having Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer - alas, the the tiny spot of cancer on my face was not at all tiny beneath the surface and I needed immediate reconstructive surgery. Dr. Antunes has a kind and comforting manner that put me at ease in a difficult time and convinced me it would be ok. It has been a journey but I am now several months post surgeries and the results are nothing short of amazing. He really does have magic in his hands! He is remarkably skilled, thoughtful, and thorough. I am so grateful. All the staff at the Piazza Center have been professional and caring. Whatever your need, Dr. Antunes and his staff have my highest recommendation.

- MaryLynn Musgrove

Amazing surgeon! I wanted a discrete change and it's exactly what Dr. Antunes did for me. Incredibly professional staff.

- Lydia Hock

Not only is he extremely professional and well educated, he is an amazing plastic surgen who did a magnificent job on not only myself but my daughter as well. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in cosmetics surgery, you will not be disappointed.

- Sherry Salmon

I recently had an upper blepharoplasty done by Dr. Antunes. My upper eye lids genetically would hang over and it’s something I was very self conscious about. I had been wanting to get this procedure done for a couple years now. I did a lot of research and went to a couple consultations that I left just not feeling 100% on. I even went to a couple when I lived in Chicago. As soon as I walked into Dr. Antunes office, I knew I was in the right place. I felt at ease and his staff was amazing! Dr. Antunes he was so attentive, listened to all my concerns and didn’t make me feel rushed. The entire process from consult to the actual procedure, I can truly say I felt at ease and I knew I was in excellent hands. Getting this procedure done is one of the best things I have done for myself!

- Emily Nguyen

I have to start off this review by saying, what Dr. Antunes has done for me has been life changing. What he did to fix my nose is something that I don't think any other plastic surgeon could have done for me. I had my first rhinoplasty done 16yrs ago by a surgeon that only spent 45min on my nose and lied to me about everything he actually did to my nose during surgery. after my surgery, I only saw him 2 times. once to remove my cast, and once to remove my sutures. 10yrs later, My tip started slowly detaching to where my nose look deformed. I got turned down by many doctors. my initial consult with Dr. Antunes was such a comforting experience. He really made me feel confident in him and took the time to make sure I understood his plan for my revision rhinoplasty. I've never met a doctor who cares as much or is as attentive to your needs as doctor Antunes. (what doctor personally calls you several times after surgery to make sure you are okay and have no questions) Even though he had to make a few last minute decisions during surgery, my nose couldn't have turned out better. I am so grateful to him for his amazing talents and so appreciative to him for always making me feel heard. I highly recommend him if you are thinking about having a rhinoplasty. It's better to get it done right the first time.

- Jennifer schechecter

Dr Antunes is simply the best! He performed a lip lift on me and it is absolutely gorgeous. Dr. Antunes specializes in facial plastic surgery. He is very knowledgeable on how the facial skin responds and reacts. By far the best cosmetic procedure I have ever done. If you are going to do anything to enhance your face, Dr. Antunes is the one to see!

- Martha Najib

Dr. Antunes was my doctor for my Rhynoplasty and I absolutely love the results. He is very easy to talk to and pays very close attention to detail. The staff at the office is very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Antunes.

- Cara Floyd

My experience with Dr. Antunes has been outstanding to date. Not only is he a passionate and very skilled facial plastic surgeon, but also, he is just a good person. My need to see him was immediate. When my MOHS surgeon called him on his cell phone at noon, he answered and was available to meet me in his office in 25 minutes. He calmed my fears immediately by thoroughly explaining all options available and recommending the one he thought best for me. I saw him on a Thursday and was scheduled for surgery the following Monday. It was a multi-surgical procedure and he is still following my progress seven months later. Dr. Antunes has been a God send. I am so thankful for him. I highly recommend him!

- Mary Beth Collins

This doctor was absolutely amazing! I had a very freak accident where my polydactyl kitten ran across my face as I slept and slit my entire eyelid open. I went to my fabulous local ER (Signature Care that I love!). As an actor, I was a bit nervous about how this was going to play out. They said they could call in a facial plastic surgeon to stitch me up and proceeded to take a video of my eye and sent it to him. I was prepared to wait several hours for this surgeon's arrival. I think about 10 minutes later Dr. Antunes walked in the door and took care of me. He did an incredible job and just 2 weeks later you cannot even see that he stitched my entire eyelid. He is extremely talented, personable and squeezes in humanitarian work I came to find out - a doc after my heart! A definite dream doctor! Highly recommend!

- Brenda Booth

Dr Antunes performed an in-office eye procedure on me and I am extremely happy with the results! He was very patient in answering questions and making sure I was comfortable with the procedure. I never felt as though he had to rush off to see another patient during the office visit. He was also realistic as far as what I should expect after the procedure. He is very personable and seems like a genuinely nice guy. I would highly recommend him!

- Tracy Asar

Always took care of me like family, no pressure with a huge decision. I loved my results!

- Alix Lund

Dr Antunes is an excellent doctor and just person in general! He takes the time to get to know his patients and really tailors a treatment plan for each individual. I went in thinking I needed a specific treatment and he explained to me why a different treatment would be much more effective for what was troubling me. He is also very conservative in his approach so the results are very natural looking. I was so pleased with the final results! I have referred several friends to him and all have been extremely satisfied.

- Maggie Vineyard

From the very first visit I felt comfortable and confident in Dr. Antunes. He was always willing to answer any questions and really thought about each patients needs. I could not have asked for a better experience.

- Torrie Garcia

Doctor Antunes is wonderful. He is warm and caring and really listens to you. I went to see him for an earlobe repair/reduction. The results exceeded my expectations (and I’m a perfectionist). I would definitely recommend him!

- Jeanette Martin

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Realself Reviews

Thank You One Hundred Billion Times, Dr. Antunes!

In February I broke my nose after fainting face first into a wall. While it feels wrong to say that I'm glad it happened, I will say, my nose looks better than ever and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a patient of Dr. Antunes! My nose needed correcting both functionally and aesthetically after my fall. I am now 7 months post-op and can confidently say that both of those things were achieved. I will never take breathing clearly through both nostrils for granted ever again.

I had my surgery during a scary and stressful time, at the beginning of the pandemic, but Dr. Antunes' gentle and steady disposition was a comfort throughout the process. (If you're reading this because you're planning on having surgery, don't get me wrong, I was still very nervous, if you feel that way too - it's very normal.) For about 4 months post-op I struggled with bouts of sadness (which is unlike me but normal after surgery and probably normal in 2020 in general, lol) and Dr. Antunes was able to provide me with resources when I requested them which made me feel very supported. He is always willing to answer all of my questions, and very thoughtful with his answers. I trust this doctor 100% and would recommend him to anyone.

Amazing! The procedure went very smoothly

Exceptional experience from my consultation through my post op appointment! Due to COVID-19, my husband was unable to accompany me to my initial consultation; however, Dr. Antunes graciously invited him to partake in the consult via FaceTime. That was extremely important to me as I wanted my husband’s impressions to assist me in making my decision. This set the tone in a very positive direction! Dr. Antunes was thorough, realistic, and collaborative in crafting a plan that would meet my expectations. He encouraged a “less is more” approach which I genuinely appreciated. He did not pressure me to make a decision or book my procedure at the time of my consultation. However based on my reviews of him beforehand as well as what we discussed during my consultation, I decided to book it at that time.

The procedure went very smoothly! Since I only had local anesthetic, I was a bit nervous; however, I was comfortable and did not need any laughing gas. He explained everything very thoroughly and put me at ease during the procedure. My post op appointment was as equally positive. I had a list of questions which he addressed with me one at a time. He is a true professional who values his patients. His technical expertise speaks for itself as only one week post op, I am delighted with the results! to would definitely recommend him! One of the most important questions I think you can ask is whether you would go back. The answer is a restounding yes! As my quest continues for combating the aging process, I have a feeling I will be crossing his path again!

Journey Thru Lower Face and Neck-lift

I wanted this procedure done for 10 years! Right around my 40's I noticed when I would were a turtleneck the loose skin under my neck would hangover the neckline! Everyone always said I was too young, or I looked great, and they thought I was crazy. Whatever...I wanted to wear a turtleneck and ROCK it!! So, for my 50th birthday I started the journey of interviewing docs for the procedure. Let me tell you, I interviewed 5 in Austin, 1 in Miami, and 1 in NYC. Loved the one in NYC because he does the "Vertical Lifts". Which, in my opinion, looks the most natural. Come to find out one of the docs I interviewed, Dr. Antunes, was friends with him and they both have the same opinion on the vertical being the most natural, especially when you are younger patient. Dr. Antunes seriously has one of the kindest bedside manners too. Super nice guy and SUPER talented!!! So blessed to have found him! October 28th was my surgery day and every little detail was explained prior to and after the surgery. Today is day 10 post-op and I cannot wait to get the rest of my stitches out in 3 days!! For years I have searched this site looking for stories, pictures, and reviews. I am not much of a social media person but I felt the need to pay it forward and leave some pics for those on the fence, JUST DO IT!!!!!

Consultation review: Honest and Worth a Visit

He is extremely professional with a good bedside manner . He is truly interested in what is best for the patient and not about selling a surgery . I have a lot of respect for a doctor who does what’s right and not what’s easy. I did not have surgery with him but based on his honesty I would . I know he would help me if he thought he could.

LOVE my New Nose!

I had nose surgery done with Dr. Antunes in late June (2020), and although I am still healing, I am already so incredibly happy with my results. Prior to surgery, I had deviation on both sides of my nose, which was affecting my sleep and breathing in general. I was also looking for an improved appearance to my nose. Quite frankly, there was a lot to be done to fix my nose, and Dr. Antunes' work exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!

Top Notch, Natural-looking Result

Dr. Antunes treated me with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. I got a great, natural-looking result, the latter part being very important to me. He took the time to understand exactly what I wanted using computer imagery and a good old fashioned mark-up pencil. He also documented my before and after results which I believe are crucial the whole process. It shows he takes care in his work. His facilities and staff are top notch, highly recommend.

Heads & Shoulders Above The Rest!

Truly an amazing experience with Dr. Antunas! From the very first consultation he was very attentive and listened to what I wanted to achieve. His attention to detail and bedside manner exceeded all my expectations. I couldn't be happier with my results! I would highly recommend Dr. Marcelo Antunas to all my friends and family!

I Love This Dr

I have been retired from this field for some time. I worked for a Plastic Surgeon in Phx, Az and never thought I would EVER let another surgeon touch me. I have been going to Hailey for sometime (she too is fabulous) but started to some fullness in the bottom of my face. I had a facelift 2012 and just thought I needed a touch up but Dr Antunes took the time to sit and talk ( I think he was just watching me talk to see the movement in my face) and said no just need to remove the Buccal fat in my lower face. HOLY SMOKE what a difference it made. LOVE LOVE this Dr. He is a conservative surgeon and that is what you want if you are looking for a natural look. This 60 yr old girl is embracing every year!

Super happy with the results

I wanted a discrete change to my face and that's exactly what Dr. Antunes did for me. Super happy with the results, my face looks much more symmetrical and I especially like my profile now. Wish I had done it sooner. The whole staff was very professional from beginning to end.

He fixed my badly broken nose so now i can breathe better and my nose already looks great 5 months post op

My experience with Dr Antunes went Very smooth and great. He is an Amazing surgeon with amazing skills. He fixed my badly broken nose so now i can breathe better and my nose already looks great 5 months post op. If anyone wants to get any facial surgery I would 100% recommend Dr Antunes.

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