Every person is unique, both in facial structure and in their personal vision of beauty, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” or overall standard of beauty that can be applied to each patient. The only way to achieve a truly extraordinary result is a customized approach.

Exceptional service and attention to detail

Dr. Antunes focuses on ensuring his patients are comfortable, cared for, and thrilled with their plastic surgery or non-surgical procedure. We never rush any procedure but take all the time needed to ensure an elegant, natural-looking outcome. Dr. Antunes is dedicated to staying at the forefront of advances in facial plastic surgery and is well-versed in the latest techniques and technology. Every new treatment or procedure is fully evaluated for patient safety and results before being offered at Face Austin.

Facial balance and harmony: The fundamentals of facial attraction

Facial beauty is individual, and one universal standard cannot be applied to every face. Your ethnic background, age, natural bone structure, skin quality, and facial shape must be fully evaluated when planning a facial enhancement. The ideal look is the ideal look FOR YOU, and no one else.

Your beautiful natural features can be enhanced with a custom-performed procedure, bringing out the attraction of your eyes, mouth, and facial shape. Our goal is an end result that subtly alters your features to create the ideal balance and harmony, and a look that appears natural, refined, and attractive.

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