How does a lip lift work?

You can augment your lips with fillers or natural fat transfer, both of which achieve an adorable outcome. These volume enhancement treatments do not treat the expanse of skin between the nose and upper lip. To enhance your Cupid’s bow and create a more alluring pout, a lip lift in Austin may be the ideal procedure.

A lip lift involves removing a small amount of skin and tissue through an incision beneath the nose structure, allowing more of the colored lip revealed. Here in Austin, TX, if you feel your lips do not have the lovely Cupid’s bow you wish for yourself, this surgery is customized to create higher peaks for a beautiful result.

If the corners of your mouth are now downturned, it can be surgically corrected to give you a happier, more approachable appearance in the most subtle way.

What is the surgery?

A lip lift in Austin involves the following:

  • A full evaluation of your facial structure.
  • Creating a custom surgical plan.
  • A small section of skin and tissue is surgically removed, in a “bullhorn” shape from beneath your nostrils. This raises the inner vermilion lip to create more volume for an elegant, long-lasting lip enhancement.
  • Stitches are moved in about one week. 
  • The incision site is hidden beneath the nose and virtually invisible once healed.
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Who is a good candidate for a lip lift?

For those women with an elongated upper lip wishing to improve the lip borders, or those seeking to enhance the teeth' visibility and the vermilion and an attractive Cupid’s bow, a lip lift procedure may be the ideal solution for your aesthetic concerns. 

All clients considering a lip lift should be non-smokers of sound mind and body, with realistic expectations for what their treatment can accomplish. A lip lift can help you appear more feminine and beautiful, but it cannot make you look like a completely different person. 

What is the recovery time after a lip lift?

A lip lift does not involve a long recovery. During the early stage of healing, you can expect swelling and bruising, and the area may feel tight. Ensure you take gentle walks after your surgery, and avoid talking, laughing, or vigorous chewing while you heal. Sleep with your head elevated on a wedge or three pillows, and do not sleep on your side. This will help minimize swelling and speed healing.

You will have prescription pain medication to keep you comfortable during the first few days. Take your medications with food and antibiotics as scheduled. Eat foods that require minimal chewing, and avoid salads, meat that requires more chewing, and other such foods. You must avoid very hot or salty foods for 48 as well as any food that requires you to open your mouth more than one inch. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

Why choose Face Austin for a lip lift?

If you are considering a lip lift in Austin, you deserve to discover Face Austin, the premier facial surgery center in Austin. Your procedure will be performed by one of the most highly trained and experienced facial plastic surgeons in the Austin area and beyond. His warmth of character, genuine compassion and meticulous surgical techniques have led to a reputation for surgical excellence.

At Face Austin, you are under the care of a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is dedicated to ensuring every person he treats is thrilled with their results. He performs every surgery with his philosophy that “there are no shortcuts to quality.” His dedication to achieving superior outcomes has led to his many loyal patients who rely on him and his team throughout the years.

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