What is a chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation surgery, called a genioplasty or augmentation mentoplasty, is performed to create a more ideal balance between forehead, nose, jawline, and chin. For some patients who believe they need to reduce the size of the nose, a chin augmentation is all that is needed to create the most appealing facial balance.

Why undergo chin augmentation?

If you are one of the countless people who are unhappy to have a receding chin, small chin, or your chin lacks balance with your other features, this procedure can increase your confidence in your appearance. Chin augmentation surgery in Austin can resolve any of the following:

  • Weak chin
  • Receding chin
  • Small chin
  • Recessed chin
  • A sloping line from your jaw to your neck
  • Lack of definition at the jawline and upper neck
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Two types of chin augmentation surgery

Depending on your unique anatomy, you may need one of two different procedures.


This procedure involves restructuring your jawbone to move it forward. It does not involve placing an implant but instead changes your jawbone projection. For the most attractive, natural results, you must be under the care of an experienced facial plastic surgeon. This technique requires ultimate precision and the most current surgical techniques.

Chin augmentation with fillers

Some people may want to try enhancing the chin with dermal fillers, which have the advantage of no incisions but the disadvantage of requiring regular injections and a less dramatic result.

Synthetic chin implant

For many people, a more attractive chin can be achieved by placing a synthetic implant. The implant is placed through an incision beneath the chin or within the mouth. Your implant is then carefully placed over the chin bone, and the incision is closed with sutures. The implant feels very similar to natural tissue, and implants are available in a vast range of sizes and shapes. One of the most critical aspects of successful surgery is the ability to select the ideal implant shape and size, which requires an artistic eye and understanding of what is considered the ideal balance.

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What to expect in chin augmentation surgery

The time involved in your chin augmentation in Austin will depend on which type of surgery is performed, but the procedure generally takes about one hour to complete. The incisions are made, the implant is placed, and the incision sutured. A sliding genioplasty involves altering the projection of the jawbone structure, followed by placing surgical screws to hold it in a new position. In either case, your surgery will not be painful as you will be under general anesthesia. When you awake from surgery, your chin will be bandaged, and you will be free to return home, driven by another adult.

What is the recovery time from chin augmentation?

The recovery time from your surgery is typically two to three weeks. It is normal to experience some swelling and bruising, which fades in the coming days and weeks. You will be limited in what you can eat and should plan on a generally liquid or soft food diet during the initial healing phase.

Once the area has sufficiently healed, you can return to your regular diet. You should be ready to return to more vigorous exercise and other activities within about two weeks, although this can vary slightly.

Why choose Face Austin for chin augmentation surgery?

If you are tired of looking in the mirror and feeling less attractive due to your chin, you want to choose the right surgeon. At Face Austin, you will be under the care of a leading facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Antunes, who has achieved double board certification in facial plastic surgery. His practice is focused only on facial procedures, and his experience and artistry have led to a reputation for outstanding work in facial plastic surgery.

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At Face Austin, we have established a center that is built around a positive patient experience. Not only will you feel comfortable and cared for, but Dr. Antunes and his team are genuinely warm and caring people – and you will feel the difference. Dr. Antunes has a philosophy he lives by – “there are no shortcuts to quality.”

His refined surgical techniques and attention to detail, along with his personal dedication to his patients, makes Face Austin the ideal destination for a custom chin augmentation and any other surgical or non-surgical facial enhancement.

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Imagine feeling confident, free from concerns about a small or receding chin, with the ideal chin shape and projection now yours for all the years to come. We invite you to meet with us to discuss chin augmentation in Austin with you.

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