This 52-year-old patient had been unhappy with the appearance of her face and neck. She felt so young and full of energy inside, but when she looked in the mirror, she looked aged and she didn’t like how saggy her neck skin looked. She avoided taking pictures because of it. 

She met with Dr. Antunes at his Facial Plastic Surgery Practice in Austin, Texas, for a consultation to discuss her options. During the exam, Dr. Antunes examined her face and neck and discussed her treatment options, including surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

The patient is shown here 1 year after her deep plane facelift and temporal lift. She is super happy with the results and feels that the procedure was able to make her look so much younger and feel more confident about her looks. She thinks she looks natural and nobody thinks she had a facelift. In addition, she can’t even see her incision lines. Also, she has a much younger sister and everybody thinks she is the younger sister!

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