This 48-year-old businessman always had breathing issues and also had been self-conscious about the overall size of his nose. He was bothered by the asymmetries, the dorsal hump and felt that his nasal tip was droopy. He was looking for a masculine nose, with a straight nasal dorsum and a better shaped nasal tip. 

He met with Dr Antunes at his Austin, Texas, Facial Plastic Surgery Practice for a consultation to discuss his options. During the exam Dr Antunes also explained the importance of the chin contour and projection when evaluating the facial profile and demonstrated how a chin augmentation at the same time as the rhinoplasty could enhance the results. They looked at the computer image morphing to determine the patient’s goals with rhinoplasty and looked at photos with and without a chin augmentation.  

The patient is shown here 1 year after his rhinoplasty. He is very pleased with the results and feels that the procedure gave a masculine nose and the chin implant really helped balance his profile. He is also breathing very well and noticed some improvement on his sleep as well. 

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