This 18-year-old patient had been self-conscious about the size of her nose for a long time. She avoided taking pictures and the hump on her nasal dorsum and the droopy tip were a source of insecurity for her. She was looking for a nose that was overall smaller in size, with a smooth nasal dorsum and a tip that was more refined and lifted. 

She met with Dr. Antunes at his Facial Plastic Surgery Practice in Austin, Texas,  for a consultation to discuss her options. During the exam, Dr. Antunes performed computer image morphing to determine the patient’s goals with her rhinoplasty.  

The patient is shown here 1 year after her rhinoplasty. She is super happy with the results and feels that her nose looks natural. She said nobody notices that she had a rhinoplasty but she gets a lot of compliments on her looks! 

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