This 18-year-old patient suffered a nasal fracture that resulted in a crooked nose. Before the fracture, he did have many issues with his nose but felt that since he was going to get it fixed, he would like to straighten the dorsal hump he had. He was looking for a nose that had a straight and smooth nasal dorsum while maintaining a masculine appearance. 

He met with Dr. Antunes at his Facial Plastic Surgery Practice in Austin, Texas, for a consultation to discuss his options. During the exam, Dr. Antunes performed computer image morphing to determine the patient’s goals with his rhinoplasty and explain the challenge related to the crookedness on his nose.  

The patient is shown here 1 year after his rhinoplasty. He is ecstatic with the results and feels that the procedure gave a masculine a natural-looking nose and also helped him breathe better. 

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