This 51-year-old patient presented to the office for an evaluation after a rhinoplasty. He had a rhinoplasty done for cosmetic and functional purposes a few years before and noted that over the years, his nasal dorsum started to collapse and the nasal tip started changing in shape. 

He met with Dr. Antunes at his Facial Plastic Surgery Practice in Austin, Texas, for a consultation to discuss his options. During the exam, Dr. Antunes performed computer image morphing to determine the patient’s goals with his revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Antunes discussed the challenges related to his case, particularly the need for cartilaginous support.

The patient is shown here 1 year after his rhinoplasty. Dr. Antunes used a rib cartilage graft during surgery to improve the support to the nasal tip and the nasal framework. This improved the contour of his nasal tip and dorsum. He is super happy with the results and feels that the procedure made a significant improvement on his quality of life. 

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